It’s not so much a list of accomplishments as a portrait of a life

I despise having my picture taken but I like to document fun experiences. This collage includes a couple of post-race photos from a few years ago plus selfies from some theme parties my husband and I threw for ourselves during the pandemic. Because that’s how we roll. And yes, we do have a disco ball in our dining room. Doesn’t everyone?

I’ve been many things throughout the course of my life, and I suppose they all add up to who I am now.

I am a small-college-town, Ohio-born daughter, a wife, a mom of cats. …

Twenty years later, as violent crime increases in my suburban Cleveland neighborhood, I’m reliving the trauma

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

Heading west across the Kinzie Street Bridge over the Chicago River after work one night, I saw him approaching me on the deserted sidewalk. Head down, bracing against the frosty winter air, his scarf was pulled up over his face, bandana-style.

That itself wasn’t cause for alarm. It was early…

Riff Summer Challenge

Loudon Wainright III’s “The Swimming Song” is my personal time machine

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Loudon Wainright III’s “The Swimming Song”, the first track from his 1973 album Attempted Mustache, is the epitome of summer. I’ve always loved it for its lilting simplicity.

It’s a perfect time machine song, transporting me back to days when life was far less complicated. …

Vegetarian Cuisine

10 delicious meat-free recipes to help you celebrate

Photo by Daniel Hooper on Unsplash

Lately, it seems there is a national or international “day” for just about everything, and foods are no exception.

Stuffed Mushroom Day, anyone? Something on a Stick Day? Or, let’s celebrate Clams on the Half Shell Day!

How oddly specific.

Across the United States, we’re getting ready for Independence Day…

I wanted a flipping SANDWICH but I got a lesson in meditation instead

Public domain image from

There’s nothing in the refrigerator today.

Well, that’s a flat-out lie, as you can imagine, so let me clarify. There’s nothing that I want to eat. The span between grocery cycles is winding down and I’m in that no-man’s-land of the last few days before I shop.

While I’m feeling…

When my favorite breweries switched to aluminum, it was time to rethink my anti-can bias

Great Lakes Brewing Company beers that are currently in my fridge — image courtesy of the author

Drinking beer from cans has always created a low-end association in my mind. It takes me back to being a teenager, chugging Busch or Natty Light in the back of someone’s car on a random Tuesday night as we careened through the Southeast Ohio hills on winding country roads.


Surprise! Money isn’t one of them.

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

In some ways, it’s almost comical — News Break, the platform writers love to hate. Whether in Medium articles we’ve written (myself included) or posts within the Facebook News Break Official Creator Community, we grumble and moan, carp and whine.

We complain that our articles aren’t published fast enough or…

Kathryn Dillon

Life’s a journey. Sometimes a peaceful hike in the woods, sometimes a screaming joyride down a dark highway. I’m on a quest to discover my truth by sharing it.

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